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Herberts Revenge Mission guides!

Hey Guys, This is the page where you can find a guide to complete all the missions in Herberts revenge. So here it goes:

Mission 1: Elite Penguin Force
1. Click on one of the penguins
2. Speak to the agents
3. Speak to the director
4. Speak to the puffle handler
5. Go through the door with the red + blue puffle above it.
6.Click your whistle and select the red puffle
7. Aim it at the 2 boxes and fire the red puffle at them
8. Now select your blue puffle and fire 3 snowballs at each target.
9. Now walk out of the door you just unlocked
10. Speak to the agents
11. Walk through the cave.
12. Click on everything in the cardboard box
13. Click the broken Jackhammer into the water and clean it, Then put it back together again.
14. Now take the fixed Jackhammer from your inventory and move it to where the floor is cracked and then click on the floor.
15. Complete the mini game.
16. Speak to the agents and then walk through the cave.
17. Combine the rob and the grapple and then put it on the edges in the wall and click on the wall.
18. Complete the mini game.
19. Speak to the agents
20. Click on Dot and speak to her and click ‘Hey Dot, Maybe we need to combine our items into one’
23. Take the item and do the same for Rookie and Jet Pack Guy.
24. Place the belt on the bars and combine the Jet pack and wooden pole and place it on the belt.
25. Complete the twisting and walk through.
26. Speak to the team and then give your idea.
27. Pick the penguins up and put them on your shoulders.
28. Walk through the door
29. Speak to the Director

Congratulations your now team leader + You have compeleted Mission 1

Mission 2: [Coming Soon]


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