Club Penguin Blue Lei Penguin Giveaway Round 2

Hey Guys, You Know I Held A Blue Lei Penguin Giveaway, And im here to tell you who made it through to Round 2. Round 2 will be held on a password protected page, so guys check your email! The Following People Go Through To The Next Round: Moon Man Two,Hui888, revgreen, Match87055

Check Your Emails For the password to the password protected page.



7 Responses

  1. Wow!Thanks!Btw, u sent me the e-mail but the passwords not working for me!

  2. Did you do it in capitals with the 🙂 ?

  3. Yes, but it still won’t work! 😦

  4. copy and paste it in

  5. Still won’t work, even when I copy and paste it! 😦

  6. Oh, wait I got in!Lol!For some reason it wasnt working for me before!

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