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Hello Guys!

Hey Guys, Its krabs or Sam or whatever you wanna call me. Id love to start this website again :/ But I dont think I could, I dont know when anything updates and If im busy it will be late and then yeah :/

If anyone wants to post then leave your email in the comments ill happily add you!

But I was just here to say Thanks for everything over the 2 years I was blogging and playing and Ive met many great people in my expierence:



Double MVP













And of course Staly Vegas!

And many many others, all of these would be great friends in real life and they were all great over the years especially staly. I miss blogging I do admit it :’) I’ll see though, hehe. If you want to follow me on twitter, and you dont mind swearing and dirt stuff and my life then my twitter is @6sammy9 http://www.twitter.com/6sammy9

Have fun guys!!



New Club Penguin EPF Message From Herbert!

Hey Guys! I logged on to Club penguin today and I saw that we have a new message! Its from Herbert! Its a reply to Protobot! Lets take a look;

‘Thats right you mechanical menacel! I should of never rebuilt you! I want to DEFEAT the Elite Penguin Fools, not DESTORY them!’

Good ‘ol Herbert. What do you think? Do you trust him? Leave a comment!


New Club Penguin Rollerscape Levels!

Hey Guys! You all know by now that there is a beta site on Club penguin, right? And that there was the game ‘RollerScape’ on it that Happy77 previewed to us? Well now there is 4 new levels added to it! Lets see!

Click Rollerscape extra levels to play the extra levels! You’ll also notcie the section ‘Skyscraper’ but that just appears with a black screen. A new game again? We’ll just have to wait and see. What do you think?


New Club Penguin EPF Message From Dot!

Hey Guys, Today Theres been a new message recieved on our Spy Phones from Agent Dot reply to Jet Pack Guys ‘JPG’ message. Its regarding Herbert and wanting to work with us. Lets Take a Look;

The Message Reads;
”Thats true JPG, But I think Herbert has realized how dangerous Protobot is. If he’s willing to help us, I saw we accept.”
Interesting, What do you guys think? Would you trust Herbert or would you say no?


Club Penguin Puffles Missing! [Fixed]

Hello Guys, sorry for not posting when I said I would, Im going to make sure that I will post now, Anyways. So today, I logged on to Club Penguin to check whats going down in the snow covered island! Now Club Penguin has been having a lot of bugs recently right? Well I went to my igloo… Don’t ask why Im not a member, but I realised that my 2 puffles (Red and Blue 1s) were both missing! :O Take a look:

Thats silly, Club penguin need to start fixing some of these bugs!


Hello, Once Again!

Hey Guys. Its Mrkrabs987, if you followed my twitter you would of known I quit again but I didnt announce it on here. Over the past few days I was thinking to give Club Penguin 1 last chance. After what GooglebgCP said to me, it just made me smile So I thought… Lets give it a ago.

I will be on twitter on my club penguin account. http://www.twitter.com/mrkrabs987 I will be on Club Penguin. But I need some help, I’m lost with the update times. I made need an author, I will but I know because this site is just dead no-one wants to be an author, But that’s okay, in a way. :/

Overall I’m back to CP Tweeting, and blogging, but don’t expect amazing posts for now, because I’m lost with club penguin at the moment.