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Hello Guys!

Hey Guys, Its krabs or Sam or whatever you wanna call me. Id love to start this website again :/ But I dont think I could, I dont know when anything updates and If im busy it will be late and then yeah :/

If anyone wants to post then leave your email in the comments ill happily add you!

But I was just here to say Thanks for everything over the 2 years I was blogging and playing and Ive met many great people in my expierence:



Double MVP













And of course Staly Vegas!

And many many others, all of these would be great friends in real life and they were all great over the years especially staly. I miss blogging I do admit it :’) I’ll see though, hehe. If you want to follow me on twitter, and you dont mind swearing and dirt stuff and my life then my twitter is @6sammy9 http://www.twitter.com/6sammy9

Have fun guys!!



Just a quick update….

Well uhh. Yes I know I said I was back to Blogging about Club Penguin but I didnt really know the update times or days so I gave up really. I was wondering if anyone wanted to work here to keep it going? If not I might turn it into a gaming website :3 Possibly working with Icemaster or something 😀

Comment below if you would be interested in keeping this site running

Thanks for everything guys btw. I loved the time when i considered myself a tiny bit popular but yeah thanks.
Much love good luck in life.


New Club Penguin EPF Message From Herbert!

Hey Guys! I logged on to Club penguin today and I saw that we have a new message! Its from Herbert! Its a reply to Protobot! Lets take a look;

‘Thats right you mechanical menacel! I should of never rebuilt you! I want to DEFEAT the Elite Penguin Fools, not DESTORY them!’

Good ‘ol Herbert. What do you think? Do you trust him? Leave a comment!


Club Penguin Play- “Secrets of the Bamboo Forest” Now Released

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Today, a play called “Secrets of the Bamboo Forest” returned to the Stage. As always, each play features a related catalog and a script! Here’s how you can check out the new play:

1. Open your map at the bottom left corner of your screen.
2. Click on the Plaza.
3. Waddle into the Stage!

You’re now inside the Stage. You can check out the script, buy some costumes from the catalog, or operate the Switchbox 3000. Here’s what the play looks like:

Check out the cover of this catalog:

Unfortunately, there are no cheats in the Stage catalog yet again. It would be nice to have some hidden items, don’t you think? Leave a comment with your opinion.

-Double Mvp

Club Penguin Reviewed by You: Spooky Styles

Hey penguins, Double Mvp here. Last week, the Club Penguin team wanted to know: what’s your favorite scary style in the new catalog? They chose to publish Evie Mary‘s reply. Check out what they said:

My favourite costume is all the scary costumes mixed together. I might wear the ghost costme with bumble bee antennas and frankenstein feet with the fairy wings. It might not be really scary but it is fun to waddle around with all my buddies trick or treating and looking all muddled up!!! Waddle On CP!!!!!

Oct. 6 Blog Image.jpg

Awesome response Evie Mary! This week, the Club Penguin team would like to know: how are you decorating your igloo for Halloween? If you leave a comment, remember to include your penguin name. If your reply gets published, 10,000 coins get added to your account! So, are you planning to enter the Halloween Igloo Contest? Drop a comment and let me know.

-Double Mvp

YouSpyMe AKA Book1’s Quitting Party Review!

Hey Guys, I posted on the blog about My special friends quitting party! He’s quitting because He has cancer and only has 6-8 Months to live! Well this post is a review of the party!


It was a rocking party, And if you missed it then Curse you xD LOL But anyhow! Awesome party!

YouSpyMe A.K.A Book1 Quitting Party!

Hey Guys, Im advertising a party for my good friend YouSpyMe A.K.A. Book1! Well On twitter YouSpy Revealed that he had Cancer on the Neck and its spreading, Hes been told he has 6-8months to live, So Hes quitting Tomorrow But will still be On twitter, Click Here to follow him!

Well heres the details, Im attending you better be Or else face consequences!

When: Today!

Time: 11:45am Penguin Time [7:45pm GMT]

Where?: Ice Shelf,Dock

You better come or else! ~Krabs~