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New Club Penguin EPF Message From Herbert!

Hey Guys! I logged on to Club penguin today and I saw that we have a new message! Its from Herbert! Its a reply to Protobot! Lets take a look;

‘Thats right you mechanical menacel! I should of never rebuilt you! I want to DEFEAT the Elite Penguin Fools, not DESTORY them!’

Good ‘ol Herbert. What do you think? Do you trust him? Leave a comment!



New Club Penguin EPF Message From Dot!

Hey Guys, Today Theres been a new message recieved on our Spy Phones from Agent Dot reply to Jet Pack Guys ‘JPG’ message. Its regarding Herbert and wanting to work with us. Lets Take a Look;

The Message Reads;
”Thats true JPG, But I think Herbert has realized how dangerous Protobot is. If he’s willing to help us, I saw we accept.”
Interesting, What do you guys think? Would you trust Herbert or would you say no?


Club Penguin EPF DS Pack!

Hey Guys, The other day When I went to buy Herberts revenge, I saw an awesome new DS lite case with accessories! Its freaking awesome, It can only be opened by a special code! AWESOMENESS!

Its out in UK at the moment for £19.99, But look what you get with it!
1. A hard protected DS case, that can help you take it places safely!
2. Storage places, to put to game cards and 2 styluses
3. A secret code, so that it can only be opened by somebody that knows it!
4. The alarm goes off when someone approaches!
5. The EPF spy badge separates into 3 compartments
6. A Cool stylus!

Awesome right? I was going to get it but I dont have the money, I might when I have the money! Comment your thoughts on this!


Club Penguin New EPF Hq, And Test!

Hey Guys, As you know the HQ was destroyed by Herbert, so the team found a new HQ for the EPF which means no PSA but anyways Lets Get to it!
First Go To The Ski Village And Walk Into The Everyday Phoning Facility

Now When You Go Into There Click Your Spy Phone and a Message will pop up, Click go there!

When you Go There You Will Take a Test!
Step 1, Hit The Target With Your Snowball!

Step 2. Go On The Green Square And Run To The Red One Dead Fast!

Step 3. Then Hide Somewhere where both cameras wont find you Camera 2 wont here but Camera 1 Will!

Step 4.  When It Says Go On The Blue Square Dont!

Step 5. It Will Give You Your Scores And If You Passed…

Step 6. Then your an EPF Agent, Congratulations and Celebrations!

Step 7. Walk into the Elevator And This Will Pop Up!

Step 8. Click Okay and Now You Can See The New HQ!

Isnt It Awesome, Comment Your Thoughts!
Or Use This Video:
Thanks Ninjinian!